Fee Structure

Financial Planning Fee

    • Financial Planning Fee consists of an upfront fee and retainer fee distributed over 12 months.

    • Minimum one year of agreement is needed to engage in Financial Planning Service which includes initial comprehensive financial plan and biannual updates.

    • Point-based Client Classification: Please refer to the table below

      Upfront Fee Schedule (based on conplexity)

      Basic: $1,000

      Intermediate: $1,500

      Advanced: $2,000

        Monthly Retainer Fee (based on Annual Income*)

        Base: 1% of Annual Income for Annual Income limit of 125K

        Additional 0.75% for Annual Income greater than 125K and less than 250K

        Additional 0.5% for Annual Income greater than 250K

          *Calculated from previous year’s annual income

          • Investment Management for up to 250K Assets under Management (AUM) is included in the Financial Planning Fee
          • Retainer fee entitles the client to quarterly statements for AUM less than 250K and access to advice on an ongoing basis.